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Friday, May 05, 2006



sadly, I'm also one of those myspace addicts...

that's a real pretty picture, by the way :)


I must be old. I just don't *get* MySpace. :D


hey, why are you talking about me gosh and myspace is perfect and way better and easyier to talk to friends so hahahahaha in your face


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She is very cute, though I am having flashbacks (me being humorous) about the three second grade girls I took photos of for the newspaper I work for for the last day of school. They followed me all around the playground on the last day of school and backed me into the playground fencing and shouted "Please Mr. Newspaper Man, take our pictures, please please please!" I figured the first half dozen shots I took would be enough. I was wrong. They kept at me until thankfully a teacher pointed out a girl with a birthday that day and I got her photo as well as getting away from the cutie pie pack. ;-)

My job life is other wise less than interesting with normal monthly meetings, but there are bright spots, like kid photos and feature articles to write. Your sister is really cute as a button. Ella es una trocita de cielo. :-D


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