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Thursday, May 04, 2006



Aw, your mom sounds so cute! It was baffling to me for a moment, reading that your mom doesn't type...my grandmother was a secretary her whole life, and as a kid, I was fascinated just watching either her or my mother type...they were so FAST! I thought I'd never be able to do it.

And still, both my grandmother and mother call me when they can't figure something simple out...so it's beyond amazing that your mom's making the effort!


Awww ... that's cute. My mom hunts and pecks when she types too. She still asks me to look stuff up on the internet even though she has her own computer and three capable men in the house to help her (they just refuse to).


My mom kills me. She's been online since 1998 and she still cant figure out how to cut and paste and change her passwords.


Sounds like my dad! He started off clueless, and still hunts and pecks a little, but he's an ace at email and stuff now. He called me last week to help him find a vide clip online. HE found it and I couldn't!

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