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Wednesday, March 15, 2006



I love and adore when you blog - please do it more often. And thanks for the music :)


Thanks for the music. I'll have to listen later. :)

Did you ditch the other blog again? :>


Re: books...I know it had a lot of scandal, but if you haven't read "A Million Little Pieces" yet, go grab it. I read it over a year before Oprah chose it, and I enjoyed it immensely, even though it's depressing. Also, there's a book called "Sleep Toward Heaven" that I couldn't put down when I read it. It's about women, and the main character is a woman, but its certainly not chick-lit.


Come, join us in the world of Podcasting! It has been so much fun doing it!

I love that view of Seattle - I need to remember that park when we come up to visit my brother-in-law!

Remember how I was supposed to mail you something a long time ago? I obviously forgot to send it, since I came across it the other day and did the head-smacking gesture. Can you send me your address again? Pretty please? :D



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