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Friday, October 28, 2005



How in the hell do you and your sister get your makeup to look like that?? I play with my Mary Kay shadows, but you gals blend so seamlessly. I'm so jealous!


Putting on makeup is a talent I do not posses at all. I don't even think I do a decent job with the makeup I wear daily to work! My simple lack of ability prevents me from taking much interest in the activity. I do LOVE all the photos you post though! It's an ART!


You know I'm an eyeshadow junkie and now you've made me want to pull my stuff out. I've just been so so lazy lately. And btw - your sister? Completely gorgeous.


i have to agree with lynda. your make-up abilities are way better than mine!


You know, I've been dying to learn how to do my eyeshadow/makeup like this. Maybe not in PURPLE (but I guess in the right setting, it could be ok, but not everyday), but I have no clue where to begin. Where can I get some basic info?


I totally love makeup, I just hesitate to post too many pictures of my unphotogenic self online! But are you kidding me? Sephora is my mecca. :P


ohhh, i like these colors a lot, so pretty with your skin! That just looks great! It makes me want to go and shower just so I could do my makeup, even though I don't have plans to leave the house today :P


Pretty! I love the colors she puts together but some of them are a bit strong for her face. But still, fun! Lots of fun.

La Bella

Ohhhhh... pretty! I would totally do this too!
I loveeeeeeeeee make-up!

Awesome Blog Carla... look forward to visiting you often.


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