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Friday, October 14, 2005



carla.typepad works just fine. :) A life in progress is a much better tagline/outlook.


Ok, that's just bizarre. Your feeds aren't showing your most recent post unless I use your domain name. I don't get it. Meantime I'll have 2 feeds for you. :p


I have to say, your cherry designs (although I think there's another one I'm thinking of than the one you linked to, but my brain isn't picturing it right off) have been my very favorites :)

and woo, a life in progress is a nicer outlook, I agree with Lisa ;)


I always loved the cherry design; I look forward to its return! I agree - I like "A Life in Progress" - it is hopeful sounding!


every domain that i would like to register, and there are a handful right now, is taken... or the one i really want is a dot nu & those are just crazy expensive to register (compared to others). so i feel your pain.


I really like your new blog title. I didn't know it was you at first, but once I read your entry I was like "Hey! I know that woman!"

Spiffy layout too. :)

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