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Thursday, October 27, 2005



Your cake looks fantastic! It sounds like you had a pretty darn nice birthday!


Yummy looking cake. Cute kid. Love the watch! Neat makeupy stuff. Wish I knew more about it but I don't so I don't bother with it often. Happy belated birthday!


Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you got all kinds of yummy treats!


Happy Belated Birthday lady! Beautiful as ever even with the grey eyebrow hair ;)


Happy (belated) Birthday! (Sorry I'm late - blame it on a test and a quiz in 2 days time. Ugh.) Sounds like a nice quiet day.

You're not alone on the gray eyebrow thing. Gray is the new blonde, so it is ok. ;)


I'm late but happy birthday! Grey hair? I'm regularly finding those. Don't worry - its not the end of the world

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